Monday, May 16, 2011

In Which I Am Really, Really Tired

So today I was supposed to spend some time cleaning up the house, because my parents are coming to visit us in a few days.  Instead, all I really wanted to do was take a nice, long nap.

I am so ready to not be sick anymore.  Being sick does not help me get myself motivated about doing anything (except for nap, of course)-- let alone be motivated to clean, which I have a hard time being enthusiastic about when I'm in peak condition. 

It does not help that Connor is no longer sick in the slightest, and he has zero interest in cleaning or in taking naps.  Luckily we had respite care today so I got a little bit done (lack of motivation, remember?) but that won't be the case for the rest of the week.  Mostly Connor wants to play, and play hard.  He is not remotely interested in playing any of the games I suggest either, like the "nap game" or the "quiet time game" or the "please let Mommy sleep just a little bit longer game."  He wants to play the kind of games that involve large amounts of high-pitched squealing and as much interaction with Mommy as possible.

Thankfully I think I'm over the worst of this bug, and so with a little luck I'll be able to pick up the pace later in the week.  Tomorrow Connor's got school and therapy, but the rest of the day should be devoted to cleaning.

And maybe a nap. 


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Julia O'C said...

I'm so sorry that you're sick!! When that happens here, I put snacks out, pop a movie in the DVR and nap while the kids watch it. Though if Connor is all wound up and really wants to play, that probably won't work, will it?

Useless advice: I have it.

I hope you turn a corner soon. Thinking of you.

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