Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Which We Go Skating

Today we had a friend drive down to visit, and we all went out roller skating.

Our local rink had free admission for military families because of the holiday, so our whole family got in free, which was pretty great.  Connor had a whole lot of fun whizzing around the rink pushed by his dad, who likes to pop wheelies with the wheelchair to make me freak out. 

It's a good thing the kid's seizures aren't induced by flashing lights or he'd probably have a major problem with our local skating rink.  Since that's not an issue for him, though, he spent a whole lot of time watching the various patterns the lights made on the floor.  He seemed to really enjoy himself.

It's kind of crazy, but I've spent so much time at the rinks that not only do I know all the songs they play at each skating session, but I know what time and order they do the activities in as well.  First are the races-- girls and then boys, from youngest racers to oldest-- and then it's the birthday song (if there are any children holding a party there), followed by the Hokey Pokey. 

After that is what the skating rink calls "the bird dance" and what we always referred to as the "chicken dance," only the repetitions never get any faster, which totally sucks all the fun out of the song.  And then they play the modern addition to the rink activities-- the Cha Cha Slide song.  This song is made particularly exciting because it involves jumping, which all the little kids attempt and then promptly fall down, making for a challenging obstacle course on crowded skate days. 

I think maybe I go to the skating rink too much.  Oh well.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
roller derby seems to catching on over here as well, see


gloria said...

Man, I miss stroller skating. You've put me in the mood to find the nearest roller rink now. My girls, I'm sure, thank you.

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