Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Which My Gardening Attempts Are Thwarted

Jeremy has a four-day weekend because of Memorial Day, which is pretty great.  Four-day weekends on the majority of the national holidays are one of the perks of having a job in the military. 

So while Jer and the boy spent some quality time together, I grabbed my shovel and clippers and trooped outside, determined to knock out a whole lot of work in the garden.  I was out there for about an hour-- just long enough to tackle a huge mess of dead heather in the front yard that's been driving me nuts for a year-- when the skies opened up and rain started pouring down.  Within about two minutes I was completely drenched. 

Here's the thing: it just doesn't rain like that in Washington.  In Washington, usually we get a few hours of slow drizzle interspersed with dry-but-gloomy weather.  Well, not today.  Today not only did we get a real storm, with thunder and lightning and everything, but the rain was absolutely freezing.  So I ran around frantically throwing dead heather into the wheelbarrow, raced around the side of the house and left it there, grabbed my tools and slogged into the house, where I stood dripping on the front mat until Jeremy brought me a towel.  So much for my day of gardening!

To add insult to injury, as soon as Jeremy left for his workout and I put Connor down for his nap (which meant I was stuck inside, as we don't have an outlet for the little guy's monitor on the front of our house) the clouds broke, the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day.  Then shortly after Jeremy got back home it started raining again.  Evidently the Pacific Northwest is toying with me.

I took a long hot bath and then spent the rest of the day inside recovering from my ordeal by sitting in an armchair reading and eating Tillamook Mudslide ice cream.  So at least the day wasn't a total waste.


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Rose-Marie said...

Ack! I soooo hear you about the rain!

I was grouchy about the weather Friday too. The sun would tease and I'd think I could get out with our goats (whose cart-pulling training has been hard to arrange with this goofy spring weather). But in the twenty-thirty minutes it takes to get out to the pasture with my daughter in her wheelchair (why are there so many steps???), those same rain bursts hit us too. Sigh.

Here's hoping things settle down today so you can get out in your garden and I can get my girl out with the goaties!

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