Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Which Jer And I Have An Anniversary

My monthly article for Hopeful Parents is up-- you can read it here.

Jer and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary today!

In honor of the occasion, Jer took the day off and the two of us left Connor in Jo's capable hands and drove down to Olympia.  We wandered through the farmer's market, popped in a local roasting company to pick up some green, unroasted coffee beans (I expect to hear my kitchen fire alarm go off tomorrow morning) and strolled down to the little apothecary shop I frequent to buy a lovely new mortar and pestle-- perfect for making Ellen's favorite Thai dish, som tam-- and to restock on cinnamon and vanilla beans.  After that we returned to the car and drifted further south, where we stopped on a whim at a lovely state park called Millersylvania.

After that we watched a movie, ate dinner at a little sushi restaurant and finished the evening out at, of course, a bookstore and coffee shop.  What date of ours would possibly be complete without those two things?  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Here's to a fantastic seven years!


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