Monday, May 9, 2011

In Which Connor Is Better And Loki Is Insane

Connor was feeling much better today!

I listened to his chest this morning and while he still has a cough it doesn't sound like it's made it's way into his lungs.  He had a whole lot more energy this morning, and since he doesn't have a runny nose and hasn't been running a fever for a few days I think I might try sending him back to school tomorrow!  We'll stop by the nurse's office when we get there in the morning and make sure he's got the all-clear from her, but I don't think he's contagious anymore. 

I spent the day doing chores around the house and watching the cats go absolutely nuts.  There's another cat in the neighborhood who likes to hang out in our backyard, and Loki believes that he must guard our house by making sure he can see that cat at all times.  So when the cat paid us a visit today Loki tore from window to window, slamming his face into the glass in his haste to get to the window and make sure that Enemy Stranger Cat wasn't doing anything suspicious.  Once he pinpointed Enemy Stranger Cat's location, he would then stare very, very hard at the cat in an attempt to stun the cat with the invisible laser beams coming from his eyes.  Unfortunately the cat appeared to have built-in eye-laser-beam protection, because he paid absolutely no attention to Loki at all.  This made Loki even more determined to get this cat's attention, and at one point he was actually quivering from head to toe, he was so excited.

When the cat finally disappeared, Loki's adrenaline rush was still going strong but now he'd lost his focus.  If you have ever seen the unstoppable force of nature that is Loki on what we refer to as a "terror," you would know that this was not a good thing.

So of course he spent quite a bit of time chasing cricket from one corner of the house to another, thus riling her up as well, and then he spent the rest of the time running pell-mell over our furniture and skidding around corners after invisible gerbils (he did such an accurate impression of his "gerbil under the couch alert" that I went and checked their cage just to make sure they were both in there).  He also started stalking me as I walked around the house, running up at random times and springing five feet up in the air in front of me before dashing off in the opposite direction.  It's like living with a predatory, spring-loaded Energizer Bunny. 

At least he's doing it now and not at two in the morning.  Crazy cat.



Anonymous said...

What a mighty boy you have!

Kristin said...

for some reason, the post is dated for next thursday. glad Connor is feeling better!

Jess said...

Weird! I'll fix it. Apparently I'm living my life a week in advance now.

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