Monday, October 3, 2011

Connor jumped right back on the seizure bandwagon today; he had four total today.  Thankfully all of them were pretty small, but they succeeded in completely wiping him out.  He spent most of the day snuggling, when he wasn't napping in a postdictal haze.

We probably would have hung around the house today anyway; I think we've officially skipped fall and are fast heading into winter.  The temperature today was downright chilly, and the rain didn't help anything.  I feel kind of cheated, considering how late the summer was in coming this year.  Hopefully the rain will clear up soon and we'll have a few more of those glorious Indian summer days; I'm not ready to stop my outdoor skating sessions just yet, even if I do have to dodge more fallen leaves (and lately, the occasional fallen tree).

So it was a cleaning day for me again-- I did tons of laundry, which barely got a peep out of the boy today (and you know he isn't feeling good when laundry isn't funny anymore) and general pickup around the house.  The cats apparently didn't get the memo about it being a quiet day, though.  They apparently thought it was Run Around Like A Maniac And Get Into A Whole Heck Of A Lot Of Trouble day.

See, I've been working on all of my sewing projects at the dining room table, because it's nice and wide and I'm able to spread things out and really make a mess instead of having to be all contained in our guest room.  Of course, the guest room has the advantage of being a cat free zone.  The dining room table is supposed to be a cat free zone too, but apparently Loki decided he was going to forget all of his manners today because dang it, there were all sorts of fun and interesting things up on that table that he could jump up, knock off onto the floor, and quickly bat under whatever piece of furniture looked like it would be the most difficult to retrieve them out from underneath.  Every time I turned my back he'd jump up there again. 

Maybe it was the weather or something.  Who knows?

The real fun started when he managed to get up there and knock off my container of seed beads.  It broke open, spilling approximately 2,000 tiny, tiny beads (which had been neatly sorted by color, and no, that's probably not an exaggeration as far as numbers go) onto the laminate, where they skittered across the floor in every direction.  Loki went and hid under the bed.  I suspect he realized he'd reached his trouble quota of the day and knew it was time to go take a nap.

So after about half an hour of time on my hands and knees with a miniature dust pan, I now have a large jar of 2,000 beads of various mixed colors and, since I hadn't swept the floor yet today, also little bits of fluff, cat hair, dust, and things I don't want to look too closely at.  And now I'm also finding little seed beads in the most inexplicable places-- in my couch, in my socks, in Connor's hair-- I swear they're migrating.  I suspect I'll be picking them out of my food, clothing and furniture for the next three months.

Crazy cat.



krlr said...

I have a little dog like that- I don't even have to yell at her anymore. If I come back in the room she jumps off the table & I just sigh. Not crafty though, so no beads. Or crumbs. Dogs are helpful like that.

Anonymous said...

That's what cats do.

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