Monday, October 17, 2011

In Which My Creative Brain Keelhauls My Logic Center And Suddenly I'm Making Another Hugely Impractical Costume

So I'm taking a break in my sewing to write this blog post. 

Yes, sewing-- my brain wore me down through sheer persistence.  Last night before I went to sleep I couldn't get my mind to shut up about all the amazing costumes I could make.  After I went to sleep, it kept throwing things at me, so by the time I woke up I had a glorious idea for an autumn dryad-themed costume and exactly how I could make it. 

Not that I need an autumn dryad-themed costume, or have any idea where the heck one would wear such an outfit to.  Do you think my brain cares?  Oh no.  Logic is not its strong point.  Nagging is its strong point, because I just could not get it to shut up about this highly impractical dress.

So it nudged me over and over and over again until somehow I found myself in sitting in front of the fabric store despite having intended when I got into the van to go to the grocery store.  Clearly my brain was going to allow me to do absolutely nothing else until I at least started on this project. 

So I gave up, went in and bought everything I need for the overskirt, which is now about halfway done.  Oh well.  At least my brain is happy, which means it's shut up about the darn thing and I can actually focus.

I had plenty of time to work on the project because Connor slept way, way too much today.  He took a nap at school after he had a seizure in the morning as I was dropping him off.  When he got home he took a second nap during his usual time.  Then despite my best efforts to keep him awake, he crashed again in his wheelchair late in the afternoon (shortly after seizure number three of the day) and slept for another two hours.  I spent a good portion of his nap time sewing. 

So of course he has zero interest in going to bed now.  Looks like more sewing time for me!


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Emthe said...

Stupid costume bug! It's got me too. I've spent most of my free time since I got home researching next year's Steamcon outfit. The theme is Monsters. Might I suggest "Gita Kraken, bride of Cthulu". Whatever you pick, you're going to be lovely. And scary.

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