Sunday, October 2, 2011

In Which Not Much Happens

I woke up this morning and immediately decided that today was going to be a take-it-easy kind of day.  I decided this because I wasn't sure I could physically get out of bed.  I was just a wee bit sore from yesterday's workout.  Basically it felt like somebody had beaten my quadriceps and glutes with a sock full of quarters. 

So other than a little light skating (because seriously, the best way to get sore muscles to stop hurting is to loosen them up with a bit of exercise, even if it's the last thing you feel like doing) I spent a good portion of today either catching up on chores, reading or watching derby.  All in all it was a pretty quiet day, and a good one as far as quiet days go.

Connor didn't have any seizures, which was fantastic, but he seemed a little down in the dumps today.  It might have been the weather; it's turned dark and rainy again, and so we didn't go on our usual walk today.  Also he stayed up until three in the morning last night, which also might have contributed to his crabbiness.  Thankfully he's asleep tonight, which will hopefully mean he'll be in a better mood tomorrow so he'll enjoy his school day.

So yep!  Nothing happened today.  There wasn't even a single velociraptor to liven things up around here.  It was kind of nice!

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