Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Which Connor Looks Great And My Sister And I Grow Facial Hair

It was yet another fun-filled day of sisterly shenanigans over here, as Mary and I decided to go check out The Sock Monster (thank you, astute reader "rbn" for that lovely suggestion) up in Seattle.  But first we had to stop by Adamos and pose with chocolate mustaches.  For Science!

Anyway, so we took the lovely scenic drive up to Seattle to go buy many, many socks, which The Sock Monster luckily had in abundance.  Mary and I both found several pair, and I also got a couple pair for Connor.  Since he wears his braces for most of the day his socks are on display a lot of the time, and so I like for him to have stylish tootsies.  I have a feeling I'll be visiting that store on a fairly regular basis.

After that we ate some gelato, because it is physically impossible for me to pass a gelato shop without going in and eating some.  Then we drove over to the shopping center Jer and I frequent when the little guy is staying up at the hospital in Seattle (something that thankfully hasn't happened for a while) and did some browsing around the various shops there. 

We mostly window shopped, and found a whole lot of cute things in various stores that we decided we could make fairly easily ourselves in all of the spare time (ha!) we have.  We also had to look at, touch and comment on every single thing in every single store we went into, because we are the most annoying customers in the world.  Oh well.  All in all it was a pretty great day!   

Oh, and Connor had yet another fantastic day too.  Tomorrow marks two whole weeks without a single seizure!  I believe the last time that happened was somewhere around July, which is kind of crazy.  Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday that Joanna took.  In one he's decked out in all of his Yeti glory with his best friend baby C, who as usual is annoying the bejeezus out of him.  I'm pretty sure he secretly likes it though, because he gets pretty excited when I tell him that she's coming over.  In the second one he's painting his pumpkin.  Doesn't he just look great? 

That's my big boy!



Julia said...

Wow -- you weren't kidding when you said you and your sister look alike! She really could pin a bank job on you -- or vice versa. I bet you two were able to pull some nifty pranks on your parents when you were kids.

I'm glad Connor had a solid two week break from seizures, and sorry it had to end. The yeti costume is just as cute as last year. I like his immersion approach to painting.

rbn said...

I'm astute! How about that??

You're welcome for the Sock Monster suggestion - I'm glad it met with your approval. Did you go to the Fainting Goat for gelato? So much goodness. I work a couple blocks away from there, and that place is a dangerous money pit for me....

*Tasha* said...

It's hard for me to leave comments on my phone but I still read your blog regularly!

I JUST saw this & had to put this link under this specific blog post. Haha.

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