Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Which I Do A Whole Lot Of Stuff

Today was a very busy day!

I spent the morning running errands, and doing a bit of shopping.  Connor has been growing really rapidly; he's in 5T clothes now, which means we're just one size away from moving over to shop in the boys section instead of the baby/toddler section.  I find this mildly terrifying.  Anyway, he'd outgrown (or pulled completely out of shape, as he just loves to pull on long sleeves) pretty much all of his heavier winter shirts and sweaters, so I picked up a couple for him at the mall.  I also picked up a new pair of flats for me, because I've worn my old pair into the ground.  I'm kind of hard on shoes; basically I wear them until they have huge gaping holes in them and they fall apart.  Huge gaping holes in shoes aren't very pleasant in the rainy season here. 

Then I stopped by the photo center to pick up the large pictures of Ellen I'd had them print.  We wanted to send her some more recent family pictures of us, and thought it would be neat to hold a photo of her in some of them so she knows she's part of the family.  Of course, what would be really crazy is if we then received a photo of her holding the photo of us holding her photo.  Whoa.

So then this afternoon it was off to the park, where Connor absolutely refused to cooperate as far as having his picture taken.  Mostly he wanted to look at the ground, and while the top of his head is as adorable as the rest of him, it's not really the focus we were going for.  Eventually he perked up a little bit, so hopefully there's a good shot or two in there.  We'll just have to see!

So we came home after that and I made some fruit salad, hopped in the car and was off to a potluck party with my roller derby team.  It's always great hanging out with the gals, and also I got to eat a whole lot of yummy things that somebody else fixed, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

To finish out the evening, after the party I stopped by the house, grabbed my skates and was off to Derby Appreciation Night at one of the local rinks.  I spent the next hour and a half or so skating around and chatting with some more lovely ladies both from my roller derby league and from others in the area.  It was a great way to end the evening.  I'm pretty sure I'll sleep well tonight!


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krlr said...

My sympathies on the 5Ts. I've found it harder in the boys section to find shirts with cute monster trucks,lions, and friendly spiders and to avoid death skulls. WHY is there a market for death skulls for 6yr olds?

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