Sunday, October 23, 2011

In Which I Return Home

I'm back home!

I was mobbed by the cats at the door, and they frolicked around me, the glorious Giver of Food, for about five minutes before they got distracted by a squirrel outside and abandoned me for the windows.  Connor gave me a little smile before he realized that he was supposed to be mad at me for leaving, and then he put on his best Angry Face and kept it on for a good portion of the afternoon. 

It's good to be missed.

I'm happy to say that Connor enjoyed his Daddy time; he didn't have any seizures and seemed cheery, though he didn't really want to sleep last night.  Apparently they stuck close to the house, though they did take a walk or two around the block. 

I really enjoyed the trip, but even though I got more sleep last night than I probably have in the past several weeks, somehow I'm exhausted anyway.  It was probably a combination of all the driving I did today and the large amount of socializing I did over the weekend.  I'm an introvert at heart, and while I enjoy going to parties I don't usually stay for long, and they always leave me completely worn out afterwards. 

So I have about a week to recover before we're off to another bout-- this time in Bremerton.  We've got a crazy schedule in the next month or so!


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Anonymous said...

Glad the cats where ok

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