Monday, October 24, 2011

In Which I Get To Sleep A Whole Lot And Connor Is Fantastic

Last night I went to bed at 9:00 at night, telling Jer that he could wake me up if Connor stayed up past when he went to sleep, since he had to work the next morning.  Well luckily Connor conked out before Jer came to bed, and I got to sleep through the entire night.  This means I actually had more than six hours of sleep two whole nights in a row!

It was amazing, people.  I can not express just how awesome it was.  Connor is actually asleep right now, so as soon as I'm done blogging I'm going to go for an unprecedented three nights in a row.  I'm a little awestruck just reading that sentence.  I'm pretty sure the last time that happened, Connor wasn't born yet.

Anyway, the little guy had another fantastic day!  We stopped by the park today after his nap as it was a lovely crisp-but-sunny afternoon, but Connor declared it too cold for swinging so we just took a walk around the trail and then went back home.  The fact that he was actually telling me that he was uncomfortable and wanted to go home was fantastic to see and a major sign that he's feeling great.  Yet again we didn't see a single seizure, and he was engaged, happy, vocal (actually I didn't really miss the shrieking directly into my ear, but that's okay) and just generally feeling really good.  Today marked a full week without any seizures, and it's not just me-- they've also noticed a huge difference at school in his behavior and attention to his surroundings. 

I'm liking this trend!



krlr said...

I'm thrilled he's doing well!

And that you're sleeping - precious, precious sleep... *yawn*
Might need a little of that myself.

gloria said...


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