Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Which We Have A Good Day

Connor had a great day today!

We spent the morning running errands downtown, and then we stopped in Pioneer Bakery for lunch.  Connor tried some of their chicken soup (with noodles made from scratch, which tells you how awesome it is), and he thought it was pretty good.  He was not as impressed with the marionberry cobbler, which was fine with me.  That way I didn't have to share.

Then we came home and I worked on some of the finishing touches for my steampunk roller derby costume while he took his nap.  After that we opened up our latest theme box from the library and got to work on Connor's therapy for the day. 

The "Going Fishing!" theme box includes, among other things, a pair of fishing rods with a couple of different "catches" you can hook to them to reel in.  I remember those things from the annual block party the neighborhood I grew up in would always hold in the fall.  They would open up a card table, decorate it like an aquarium and set it on its side.  Then the little kids would "fish" over the top of the card table, and a volunteer hiding behind it would attach a little goody bag to their fishing rod.  It was good, cheesy wholesome fun.  I decided to set something similar up for Connor so he could practice holding the rod.

Apparently fishing is not a sport Connor is interested in getting into.  Ever.  He was okay with feeling the rod, and the clicking noise it made when I turned the handle was pretty interesting, but holding was way out of his comfort zone.  I made him do it anyway, because I'm evil like that. 

Then we watched this weeks educational video while he did some kneeling and standing practice.  This was the first video in a new series about the ocean and I was not particularly impressed.  I don't think I'll be checking any more of that particular series out.  Connor could have cared less about the educational content, but they only sang one song, which to his mind meant the video tanked.  Oh well.

Anyway, so overall it was a pretty nice, relaxing, happy day.  I could use a few more of those around here!


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