Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Which I Witness A Comedy Of Errors

Seriously, this sleep thing is growing on me.  And nine whole days without a single seizure-- how long has it been since that last happened?  I have no idea what is causing this trend, but I'm really liking it.  Keep it up, little guy!

I spent most of today either cleaning or sewing, which Connor was not particularly thrilled about.  I'm way behind on my housework, so when I'm catching up he tends to get pretty bored.  So I'd clean for about twenty minutes, play with him twenty minutes, clean another twenty minutes; you get the drift.  It doesn't really make for very efficient cleaning.

Also I did a whole lot of sewing.  This is because the birthday present I'd made for my sister was destroyed yesterday in a ridiculous Stooge-worthy comedy of errors.  I'd modified a lovely green messenger bag for her by covering it in poppies, and just before I was going to wrap it I held it up to show Connor.  He promptly threw up all over it.

Apparently Connor doesn't like poppies.

So I freaked out, because that bag represented an obscene number of hours of sewing and the messenger bag was made of leather, felt and beads, which I can't exactly throw in the washing machine.  I set it down on the floor next to the couch and ran for the paper towels, which proved to be my second mistake.

Now, Loki is a very tidy sort of cat.  He doesn't like messes, and if he finds one somewhere he will do his part to get rid of it by burying it.  So when I jogged back, paper towels in hand, it was to discover that my cat was standing on top of the bag, claws extended, burying the poppies for all he was worth.  By the time I managed to yank it out from under him (he gave me a very wounded look, as clearly he was just doing his job) he was surrounded by a ring of Pediasure, gold and black beads and shredded felt. 


So anyway, now I'm throwing together another messenger bag, which I will be keeping far, far away from both the cats and Connor.  I had to start over completely because leather is not forgiving as far as sewing holes go, and I would have had to have deconstructed the bag entirely as I'd added a lining, so I figured I might as well save myself some time and start from scratch.  This time I'm doing a sugar skull theme, because I figure Connor is less likely to throw up on a death-themed bag.  And also sugar skulls are easy and fast to do. 

Oh well.



Anonymous said...

I know a cat had to be involed

krlr said...

I'm sorry I'm laughing so hard because it sounds like it was a lovely bag, and SO much work, but that sounds like every night at our house. Except for dogs instead of cats. And without the creative sewing bit. But definately the cluster of destruction.

And yah! on the non-seizures!

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