Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Which I Worry About My Daughter

So Connor has actually had a couple of fantastic days!  Not only have we seen zero seizures, but he's been feeling much more like his cheery, happy self than in recent weeks.  So that's been pretty fantastic!

Of course, now I'm worried about my daughter.

As many of you may already know, Thailand is currently experiencing its worst flooding in the past 50 years.  The death toll currently sits at about 320 people and continues to rise.  Unfortunately, about 80% of the province that Ellen's orphanage is located in is currently underwater, and portions of her district have been evacuated, as the water in some areas is as deep as chest high.  Officials are expecting the water to continue to rise over the next few days.  Thankfully, so far as I know the water has not currently flooded the orphanage. 

Ellen and the other higher functioning children, along with the staff of the orphanage, have been working hard constructing and distributing sand bags to fortify the orphanage and the surrounding village, and they have stocked up on food and supplies.  The district is now almost completely cut off due to water flooding the surrounding highways. 

So please keep Ellen and the other approximately 2,000 disabled children in the large orphanage complex in your thoughts and prayers as the situation over there continues to develop.  I'm sure they'll keep the children safe, but that doesn't mean it's not driving me crazy to be sitting over here on the other side of the world, relying on the orphanage website and news reports to piece together what's going on. 

I'm really hoping that this will be the last monsoon season Ellen will experience in Thailand!



Julia O'C said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Ellen and all of the children who are in danger.

Emthe said...

Gah! My hope is with those kids and their neighbors that everything is okay for them.

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