Monday, February 6, 2012

In Which Connor Creates More Drama And I Get Some Relax Time

So the good news is that Connor does not have an infection on his arm.  It actually looked better this morning once the top layer of skin all peeled off.  The doctor thinks he probably had a reaction to the tape they used on his arm when they put the IV in there on Tuesday.  So apparently now my kid is also allergic to medical tape or something.  Oh well; at least he doesn't have cellulitis.

The bad news is that he had a seizure at the doctor's office, and by the time we visited the pharmacy at the Target across the street and headed home he'd had two more.  His temperature was barely elevated at the doctor's office-- around 99 degrees-- but when I took his temp when we got home he read 101.2, which is when I pulled out the Tylenol.

He had five seizures total by the end of the day.  Once the Tylenol kicked in his temperature went back down to just above normal, so at least it's doing its job well.  But to make sure this isn't an issue stemming from the outpatient procedure Connor had, we have to go back in to see that doctor tomorrow morning.  Whee! 

I did feel quite a bit better today despite all of the seizure-and-fever-fun, because Jer, knowing how stressed I've been, gave up his gym time and kicked me out of the house when he got home.  I tootled around a craft store, had a cup of chai and sat with a book for a while, and played around in a home decor store stealing ideas for throw pillows that I could do with felt.  It was lovely to get the chance to just relax and play around for a while; I badly needed the break. 

Jer is awesome like that.



Fiona said...

Jess glad to hear you got a short break and hoping Connor also gets a break very soon.
Sounds like you all need it!

Mary said...

Wow, Connor sure is continuing the trend of the best genes from both sides of the family. I'm allergic to medical adhesive too. Even bandaids over small cuts or injection/blood draw sites give me a nasty rash, but heaven forbid actual medical tape is used around an IV, or worse yet, near some active psoriasis. Learned that the hard way. Of course, when I tell nurses I'm allergic to medical adhesive, 9 times out of 10 they slap it on anyway. Maybe bring your own roll of nonadhesive sticky wrap.. stuff for when he's getting blood drawn. Tape's a little more necessary for an IV, I guess, but whatcha gonna do.

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