Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Which I Celebrate Half Price Chocolate Day And Connor Takes A Stand

I cannot confirm or deny reports that I may have eaten my weight in clearance section chocolate covered cherries today.  Given the fact that one box weighs half a pound, that would be about 330 boxes, or 5280 chocolate covered cherries. 

I admit to nothing.

Anyway, other than a late-night chocolate buying spree followed by possibly eating myself into a sugar coma things went relatively well today.  Connor didn't have any seizures, which was pretty fantastic.  He was sort of tired and mopey today-- probably because I pushed him really hard on his standing.  I decided to see just how long he could go in his stander before he started getting fussy and protesting, and we made it an hour and forty-five minutes!  His endurance has really gone up.  He might be a little sore tomorrow, though. 

I got a phone call today letting me know that Connor's modified tricycle and his corner chair have both been ordered.  It will take about two weeks for them to get here, so I've got until then to build Connor's leg muscles so he can get himself moving forward on his bike!  I need to get him a new helmet because he's outgrown his old one.  He loved his old tricycle so much, and I'm hoping that the new one will be just as motivating for him.  It's really hard to find activities that motivate Connor to really work-- the kid is just so darn laid back and easygoing that if he tries once or twice on most things and it doesn't work out, he just gives up. 

We'll just have to see how things go!


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