Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Which Everyone is Sick And I Review Our Timeline

It was more sicky times in our household today; Jer was actually sick enough that he ended up staying home from work.  Connor didn't have school today, so he didn't miss anything.  He seems to be on the mend, though, so I'm hoping he'll be able to head to school tomorrow.  I'm still in the Just Getting Sick stage right now, and I'm hoping that means it will be relatively mild for me since I've held out his long.  Jer and I are supposed to have a date on Friday night and I will be going out, dang it, even if I have to drag myself to the car.

I have no idea where the heck we'll be going, but it will involve going out and spending time together so we'll have a good time regardless of what we decide to do.

Our adoption agency will be back in the office one week from today, and I'm already going just a wee bit nuts waiting.  It's funny how most of the time I'm okay being patient and waiting on news, but when they're actually over there I get all antsy.  I think it's because I'm a little afraid they'll bring back bad news about the adoption or something, and so while I'm excited about seeing new pictures and video I'm also a little bit nervous.  Oh well; odds are that things are moving along as they should and I'm just a little high strung about this whole process.  I guess we'll find out next week!

We have a definite time crunch; because of cultural influences, large numbers of families wishing to adopt and the floods this year wait times for children like Ellen have expanded to 18-30 months for the initial approval and another 5-8 months for travel.  If our wait was on the longer end of that time scale we would simply run out of time to bring her home; she has to be here before she turns 16 in order for us to be able to adopt her. 

Our dossier has currently been over there for twelve months, and Ellen turns 16 in January of 2014.  This gives us another 22 months to bring her home before she ages out.  Based on the current wait times, we're looking at another 11 to 26 months-- provided the wait times don't expand again, of course.  So we're really, really hoping it will be on the shorter end of that scale and that we won't be in danger of her becoming ineligible for adoption before we're able to get her home. 

Here's to hoping we'll get good news!


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