Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Which It Is Sicky Times Around Here

Connor was a snifflekin today, and Jeremy felt so lousy he ended up coming home from work early.  He said he felt like it was some sort of flu bug, and he actually seems to be sicker than Connor at the moment.  That's probably a first around here. 

The little guy did all right until early afternoon, when he had a couple of seizures and then crashed.  He's been asleep since about three today, though he wakes himself up every once in a while because he's snoring too loud. 

I'm still feeling fine, though I was a little achy and tired today so I'm wondering if I'm just starting to catch it.  These days it's hard to tell pre-flu achiness apart from my roller derby bruises.  Either way we'll be taking it easy tomorrow so that the Connor can get some good recovery time in and I can head off being sick. 

No doubt the cats will be thrilled with this plan.  At some point in the past few months they have evolved into aggressive lap cats.  I think it's a combination of getting into kitty middle age (Cricket is about seven years old now and Loki is about six) and it being winter time; the cats have apparently decided that I make a very pleasant rump warmer.  They prefer me to Jeremy, probably because I am squishier and therefore more comfortable.  Currently Cricket is occupying my shins, and I'm having to peer around Loki to see the computer screen, as he has decided he needs to sit on my chest and head butt me under the chin.  Loki is good at testing my typing skills.  I don't mind it except when they decide it's time to rumble with each other and I end up with a play-fighting ball of cats rolling around on my knees.  This makes for exciting times.

We'll see if this behavior continues when summer comes around and there are lovely sunny windows to lay in.  Crazy cats. 



Anonymous said...

How lovely to have cat love

Julia O'C said...

When did all this happen?! WHY AREN'T YOU GETTING THE BREAK I ASKED FOR?!


Hope everyone feels better soon.

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