Monday, February 20, 2012

In Which Connor Feels Better And I Get Started In The Garden

Connor had a better day today, which was good.  He seemed pretty tired and spent a good portion of the afternoon dozing on my chest.  Hopefully this means he's in recovery mode and we won't see any more seizures for a while.

Since Jer was home today and could hang out with Connor indoors, I donned a poncho and braved the rain to get some gardening done today.  I trimmed back the dead foilage in the ramp and herb gardens and planted twenty lily of the valley bulbs, three trillium and two heuchara over in the ramp garden.  The compost in our bin has aged beautifully over the winter and so I think I'm ready to put in a small vegetable garden near the fence next to the herb garden.  It's not too early to prepare the bed and to put the peas, spinach and red onions in the ground. 

I thought I'd lost a lot of plants with the crazy snow and ice storm we had, but on close inspection today I saw a surprising number of new shoots just starting up from plants I figured were dead for good.  We'll just have to see what all made it through the winter and my gardening style of benign neglect!

Unfortunately the ice storm did do a number on the stain on our deck, so we'll be redoing that once we're back into the warm weather.  It's not peeling, thankfully, so we shouldn't have to remove the old stain.  We'll just use a deck cleaner to make sure we've cleaned all the moss off (moss grows on everything here) and then use the same color we did before.  I'd hoped to get two years out of the stain, but with the kind of wet weather we have here that's probably expecting a little much.

I don't think we'll be tackling any huge projects out back this summer though; we'll probably hold off on doing our patio for a while and focus on filling out the existing flower beds.  Also we've got my craft room to put together first!  My pincushion went missing yesterday, and when I went looking for it I discovered Loki carrying it around the house in his mouth.  I swear it's a miracle he hasn't offed himself yet. 

Crazy cat.



Julia said...

Oh, gardening -- what a lovely thought! It's been a frighteningly mild winter here, but it's still too early to think about doing any real garden work yet. My silly bulbs started coming up already, though -- and they'll get a proper kick in the pants if we get another good snowfall before the season is over.

I've been slack about following people's blogs lately -- and it really won't do. I need my daily Connor fix. I'm sorry about the recent rough patch of seizures. Hopefully he'll get a break.

dlefler said...

We live about 45 minutes away from Julia, and desperately want to garden. Desperately. I thought we might get an early spring, but then WHAM - the white stuff had to visit today!

Sending every positive thought your way - I certainly hope the seizures settle down again SOON!

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