Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Which Connor Has A Seizure Day

Connor slept for most of the day today, in between seizures.  He's in the middle of a seizure cycle right now.  The little guy had six before we gave him some Diastat.  So the poor little guy had a pretty rough day.

Hopefully today will be the worst of it and tomorrow he'll be on the downward slope.  We still plan to send him to school, though whether or not he makes it the whole day will probably be largely dependent on what his seizures look like.  He's missed so much school in the past year that we don't keep him home when he's having seizures any more unless it's obvious that he's completely wiped out and isn't going to be able to do anything in the classroom. 

So not much to report today.  So much for a nice relaxing weekend!  Oh well-- we'll shoot for next weekend as our recovery time instead.



Clara said...

I'm sorry that he had such a rough day, he is such a resilient boy! Our Zach had a seizure yesterday too... We had a rough day in the Nicu too, I hear you, so much for a lazy Sunday... Did I mention that I love Connor's hair?

Julia O'C said...

Yikes. Poor guy. I hope he's not getting sick.

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