Saturday, February 4, 2012

In Which Connor Tries For A Doctor Appointment Record And I Have Some Crafting Fun

So Connor has a patch of skin on the inside of his arm around an IV site that looks like it's infected.  Despite putting antibacterial ointment on the patch several days in a row now, the nasty red patch is continuing to spread.  So unless something drastically changes tomorrow, it looks like we're headed back to the doctor yet again on Monday.  If we end up going that will make the seventh visit to the doctor's office in the past month.  Glorious. 

The little guy spent some quality time with his daddy today; I had some friends over for a crafting session and so the guys holed up in the back bedroom to hide while we ladies chatted and crafted away.  The crafting and social time was a ton of fun; it was so neat to see what everybody else was making!  Also everybody brought yummy food, which was like a bonus to the already awesome social-time-and-crafting activities.  I might possibly have done more eating than crafting.  Oh well. 

I did manage to make a complete idiot out of myself by not recognizing one of the guests and introducing her by the wrong name.  No, really-- I'm totally not making this up.  Who does that at their own party?  She was very gracious about it, which was really nice of her because I felt like a complete jerk. 

But other than my awkward hosting things went well, and I'm hoping I'll get the chance to do it again soon!  Except minus the making-a-complete-idiot-out-of-myself part.


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Julia O'C said...

Your crafting night sounds like SO. MUCH. FUN. Next time, can I Skype in and craft with you [I'm kidding...sort of].

As for the friend whose name you got wrong, had she changed her looks in some way and was therefore looking SO EXTRA FABULOUS that you got her confused with someone else? Or is it just that you're still recovering from Connor's recent surgery and not getting much sleep? Either way, I'm sure your friend understands.

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