Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Which We Take It Easy And Start Planning A Trip

We had a fairly quiet day here today; all of us were pretty tired and feeling a little under the weather, so for the most part we stuck to the house.  Connor had two seizures, which makes me think he's at the start of another seizure cycle.  He spent quite a bit of time napping on the couch.

Jer and I started talking about what we might want to do for spring break this year; we're thinking about the possibility of taking a family trip up to Canada.  We've been in the Pacific Northwest for over five years now, and the farthest north we've made it for an overnight trip is Whidbey island.  So we're thinking about heading to Victoria or maybe to Vancouver-- some place in BC within a day's drive (or ferry ride) of Seattle that's got a major hospital nearby and plenty of things to do.  Or not do-- it would be great to just let somebody else feed us and clean up after us for a few days.

Plus the last trip we went on together as a family was back in December of 2010.  And I believe the last family vacation we went on that was just a vacation and not a visit to relatives was the aforementioned Whidbey island trip, which we took in 2008 (the picture from my blog heading is from that trip). 

So yeah.  We're way past due.

Jer and I much prefer staying at B&Bs rather than hotels, but as Connor gets older it becomes more difficult to find one that will both accommodate children and is wheelchair accessible.  We've had luck calling places in the past that normally don't accept kids to see if they'll make an exception-- it's not like Connor is going to be running around breaking things.  We prefer B&Bs over hotels for a variety of reasons; most of the time they are absolutely gorgeous, the owners tend to be friendly and know all the little secret spots of their cities, and of course we love to eat good food. 

Okay, most of the draw may be the food.  Yum. 

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on places we should go or stay, we'd love to hear them!



dlefler said...

Hmm... trips. I love trips! How far do you want to go with Connor? Santa Barbara is a great place (though it might be really pricey with the B&Bs). The pier, the beaches, State Street - things for kids and things for adults in the same spot. San Diego is another idea (and has an accessible children's hospital) - it's probably pretty far away for you guys, though. The wild animal park is awesome and the weather is great down there.

Julia O'C said...

My brother and his family live in Victoria. I don't know how you and Connor feel about bugs, but Jeremy might enjoy the Bug Zoo. Afternoon tea is apparently A Very Big Deal there, too.

I *think* some of the rooms at the Albion Manor B&B are wheelchair accessible, though I may be wrong on that.

Julia O'C said...

I just reread my comment. Afternoon tea is a very big deal in VICTORIA - not necessarily at the Bug Zoo. :)

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