Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Which We Have A Long Day And Connor Does Some Standing

Today was a pretty long day-- lots of playing catch up, having depressing phone conversations with various doctors, and running errands I've put off in the past few weeks. 

Connor will be back in school tomorrow (for the first time this week) and I am really, really looking forward to it.  I am going to go out and have some tea, and get a new book, and maybe get a massage or something. 

Actually it doesn't really matter what the heck I do, as long as I get to do it alone

Of course he still has a doctor's appointment tomorrow-- this time with the orthopedic doc to check out his scoliosis-- but at least it's in the afternoon so he doesn't have to miss anything.  He's missed way, way too much school lately. 

As an aside, I just accidentally inhaled my tea and then spit a big mouthful of it across my keyboard.  I don't think that's terribly good for my lungs or my computer.  It's also not good for my legs, as I startled the cat laying across them and she dug her claws in.  That was perhaps not the most graceful thing I've ever done in my entire life.

Anyway, back to things we did today.  I cut out all the pieces for the little monster guy that's going on Connor's poncho while the kid was doing his stander time today and watching classic Sesame Street episodes.  He's only allowed to watch TV in his stander, when he's in the hospital or as a very special treat.  It's actually worked-- he doesn't complain about his stander anymore and he's getting to the point where he can watch an entire hour or more before he starts getting tired. 

As he gets stronger, we're graduating to longer television programs.  I think in another few weeks if he has a good seizure-free stretch we might actually make it through an entire movie!  I didn't actually get to the sewing part because I was too busy watching Sesame Street too.  It was one of the episodes from the early 70's, which I always enjoy because Elmo almost never appears in them.  Connor was terrified of Elmo as a baby, and I understand why-- that little red monster kind of creeps me out too. 

Oh well.



Anonymous said...

Agree about Elmo. What's the deal with Elmo replacing Grover? Grover was way better. Obviously.

Julia O'C said...

Yeah...what Anonymous said.

Hope you enjoyed some R&R today!! Even if it did sound like you were trying to outrun a train.

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