Sunday, February 5, 2012

In Which Connor Is Heading Back To The Doctor Again

Well, it looks like we're heading back to the doctor's office again tomorrow.  I'll be calling at six in the morning to try and get a same-day appointment.  We've been putting ointment on Connor's arm for five days now but it's becoming increasingly angry looking.  Not only is it really red and sore looking, but the skin is starting to peel up too.  Not good.  If we can't get him an appointment, I'll probably be taking him into urgent care or the emergency room.  I suspect this is a deeper infection than the impetigo we dealt with previously, and I don't think this is something we can wait on. 

The kid is definitely feeling punky; it was a glorious sunny day today and we decided to take him out to the park.  He lasted through our walk around the trail and then fell asleep on the swing.  So we took him home.  We couldn't have been there more than fifteen minutes-- it was probably the shortest park trip we've ever taken.  We put him down for a nap and the kid just crashed.  Thankfully he's not running a fever, but he's not his usual happy self.

The past three months have been incredibly hard on this kid, and the stress is starting to take a toll on me too.  He usually has a tougher time during the winter months, but nothing like this.  I'm starting to have more trouble sleeping at night because I'm worried about him, and that's never a good thing.  I felt really stiff and ungainly on my skates at roller derby practice tonight, and I think it's because I'm so uptight right now. 

I'm going to try and schedule a massage soon and maybe go out with a friend for brunch or something (once the kid is back at school of course-- seems like recently he's been average one or two days a week where he's able to go) because I need to relax.  Connor doesn't need me injuring myself on the track because I'm too stressed, or having a breakdown or something.  Getting some social time with the crafting folks yesterday was a big help, but I think I need more chances to blow off some steam or I'm going to start dropping balls in a major way.

I think the little guy and I both need a break!


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Anonymous said...

You guys have been through so much lately. If your little guy has an infection because some healthcare worker didn't taken the time to propery wash their hands or disinfect his skin...well, there's just no excuse for that. None. In school we're taught that this is a "never event."

I hope that whatever Connor's latest challenge is something that can be easily dealt with by both parents and Connor. Thinking of you guys.


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