Friday, February 10, 2012

In Which Connor Has A Long Sit And We Take It Easy

Connor is THRILLED with his new equipment.  Can't you tell?
Connor had an appointment at the hospital today to get his wheelchair adjusted and to pick up his high chair, which has been modified into a long sitter in order to stretch his hamstrings out.  Basically it stretches his legs out straight in front of him.  We're hoping that by focusing on his hamstrings we'll be able to slowly improve his flexibility so that eventually he'll be able to stand completely straight.  Right now his legs are too tight for him to stand completely upright.  I took some pictures, but my camera cable is in Connor's room right now and I don't want to go in and disturb him.  So I'll try and put them up tomorrow when I get the chance so you can see the interesting contraption we've got for him now.  (EDIT: Picture added so you can see his new torture device in all its glory!)

He did an amazing job in his chair; he spent well over an hour in it today!  So he got a good stretch and he might be a little sore tomorrow.  We'll take it easy on him if it seems like he's a bit stiff. 

The little guy had one seizure today but it was a fairly mild one.  I think that between school, the seizure and all of the stretching he was pretty worn out by the end of the day.  Hopefully that means he'll get some good sleep tonight; he's been staying up entirely too late for my tastes recently. 

I think we're going to try and make it a quiet, relaxing sort of weekend.  We might go to the zoo if the weather cooperates, but otherwise we'll probably just take things slow. 

This will be the first weekend in a while where Connor hasn't had some sort of crazy ailment going, so we'd like to savor the break time! 



krlr said...

I'm so so so very glad he's feeling better! Maybe y'all can find some raptors at the zoo? (oh? not those raptors? Maybe some giant iguana descendants instead?)

Clara said...

He is adorable! Love his outfit and he is definitely loving his therapy...

Lin said...

LOVE the face!

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