Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In Which Connor Is Still Sick And We Have A Nurse

When I checked Connor's temperature this morning it was at 100.2, which wouldn't count as a fever in any other kid but of course for him means tons of seizures.  So he stayed home sick today from school and we dosed him with Tylenol every four hours.

He had eight seizures today, which was slightly better than yesterday but still not great.  Other than the fever he doesn't seem to have any congestion, which makes me wonder if he's got the same bug that I had a little while ago.  I had a fever, sore throat and a bad headache, though it turned out that it was a virus and not strep throat.  The little was really, really quiet today and he spent a lot of time sleeping.  Luckily most of the seizures seemed to be pretty quick and mild today; we hardly had to use his oxygen.  If he's going to be having a ton of seizures I'd much prefer them to be quick ones. 

Hopefully all that sleep will help him mend quickly and he can get back to feeling better. 

The nursing company was here during three of those seizures; they came to do our intake paperwork this afternoon.  We've been assigned a nurse, and we'll meet her on Friday.  We'll have our first night nursing on Sunday!  It's going to be a little strange having someone else in the house overnight, but I'm sure we'll adjust quickly.  Connor, who usually freaks out a bit about having strangers in the house, didn't seem to care one way or the other today.  He was obviously feeling under the weather. 

We'll be doing a few things to prepare for the nurse, such as moving Connor's medications out of our bedroom, putting a chair in his room for her to sit in and purchasing a video sensor monitor so that she doesn't have to constantly sit in his room in the dark.  Connor will have to do a little adjusting too; he's not used to having someone sitting in his room during the night, as I usually stay out in the living room when he's awake.  I've learned what a seizure sounds like over his apnea monitor, so I'm able to run in if need be.  Of course the nurse isn't going to know that right off the bat, so that's where the video monitor will come in handy. 

So Sunday will hopefully be the start of five nights a week of glorious sleep for me!  Provided, of course, that I can fall asleep without the monitor in the background.  I'm pretty used to the noise now.

I'm sure I'll manage.


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Lin said...

You will be surprised on how quickly you adapt to having the nurse in the house overnight. My friend does that job and loves it. She really bonds with the kids and the families. I think you bond quickly because of the intimate nature of staying in the house overnight.

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