Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Which Connor Cuts Back

We took Connor in for his annual nutritionist appointment today, and confirmed that he is currently slightly more than the ideal body weight for his height.  Even though he's been on the same diet since he was two, he's not growing as quickly anymore and because he doesn't get around on his own at all he doesn't burn too many calories during the day.  So we're cutting his intake by about half a can of pediasure to slow his weight gain, and we'll check back in after a month to see how he's doing.  We don't really want him to lose any weight; we just want his height to catch up.

We're not worried about how he looks, of course-- he would look just as adorable as he does now if he was a little butterball-- but because he has a heart condition and also rather unstable joints, we want him to be as healthy as possible.  Not to mention that it will be better for my heart, back and joints.  I do a heck of a lot of lifting him up and down.

We got Connor up a little early to get him to his appointment, and as a result totally threw off his groove for the rest of the day.  He was tired and whiny, and then this afternoon he threw up all over the place, had a little seizure and then completely conked out and napped for about three hours.  Once he woke up, he seemed to be feeling much better, so he did his stander time and then hung out with his daddy for a bit.  Hopefully it was just the waking up early that really threw him off, and not that he's coming down with the same bug I've got.  I spent a good portion of the day today without much of a voice, and I'm definitely a bit worse for wear right now, though it hasn't completely wiped me out or anything.  He can sleep in tomorrow, so we'll see if that helps.

Hopefully it will be a better day for him!


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Anonymous said...

Poor Connor! feel better buddy!

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