Saturday, July 28, 2012

In Which We Have A Great Day

Connor didn't have any seizures today and seemed to be feeling pretty chipper, so we drove down to the Puyallup farmer's market to play around.  I spent some time visiting my friend Dagmar, who does henna down there.  She's getting married next week, and the guests are not only encouraged to wear costumes, but are providing a bounce house and cotton candy.  This is my kind of wedding.  I'm hoping that Connor will have a good day and we'll get to go!

So I have my arm all painted up with a glorious henna design, and since I also stopped by the library, the cheese shop and the bakery I am stocked up on books, cheese and chocolate brownies. 

Life is looking pretty good right about now.



bioniclissa said...

Congrats on your blogger award!

Clara said...

Love the idea of the henna Painting!! Sound beautiful... Pictures, please??? So happy that Connor is doing good!

glane richard said...

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