Monday, July 2, 2012

In Which I'm Getting Sick And Singing About Elephants

I seem to be coming down with a bit of something, which is always fun.  Either that or I've finally managed to develop some allergies to something in this area other than the grass, and they're acting up in a big way.  At any rate, I was supposed to be cleaning today, but instead I spent most of my time lying around the house being unproductive while Jeremy did productive yard work.  Oh well.

Jer finished removing the last of the sod today and has most of the patio area dug down to where we need it, so now I'm looking into ordering some gravel so we can start the next part of our project!  So there's still currently a giant hole in the yard, but at least it's an attractive square shape now.

I'm plodding along with my Thai; right now I'm trying to learn "The Elephant Song."  This is a children's song that is kind of the Thai version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in that absolutely everybody knows it, so I figure it's something that Ellen will probably be very familiar with.  Even if my pronunciation is terrible, if she hears the tune she should be able to figure out what I'm singing.  Here's a youtube video of the song, for those of you who are interested.  Of course the typical teenager isn't much into nursery rhymes, but I think it would probably be comforting anyway.


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