Monday, July 23, 2012

In Which Connor Is Great And There Is Much Rejoicing

Connor seems to be completely recovered from whatever set of mysterious ailments he had!  I'm so glad that he's feeling better, and that we can get back to doing fun summer time sorts of things.

We're still going to see the GI doctor as a precaution, but I'm much less worried now that Connor isn't throwing up every five seconds.  Other upcoming appointments include a visit to the audiologist to finally, finally repair Connor's hearing aid, and a trip to the dentist. 

In other, more exciting news-- it looks like we'll be picking up some respite care again some time soon!  We've been without a steady respite care worker since December, so needless to say I'm more than ready to be able to get out and about on a regular basis again.  We're using the same nursing company that's providing our amazing night nurse, and she should be coming over to learn about Connor some time in the next couple of days. 

I can't wait!


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