Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Which We Go To The Doctor And Treat All The Things

Feeling better already!
Never fear, dear readers!  Connor is fine.  It's my computer that needed a major overhaul this time-- I got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death yesterday due to a virus so in lieu of blogging I worked on fixing the issue.  I'm pretty sure I've fixed the problem, but if you start getting e-mails from me asking you to send money to an address in Nigeria be sure to let me know, okay? 

Anyway, we came back from the little guy's appointment yesterday with a new antibiotic (Zithromax) and a referral to see the GI doctor.  Apparently he had a possible skin infection, and with all the throwing up he's been doing Connor's primary care manager was concerned that he might have a respiratory bacterial infection thanks to inhaling formula.  Evidently breathing formula is not very good for your lungs for some reason.  Who knew?

So the Zithromax should take care of those issues and whatever other crazy bacterial things he might have going on, but it probably won't have an effect on the throwing up he's been doing-- hence the GI referral.  Because Connor only seems to be throwing up when he's in a seated or standing position and not at all while he's lying down, the doctor thought it might have to do with either his g-tube or the position of Connor's intestines. 

He had intestinal malrotation when he was born that they did surgery to correct, and it's not out of the realm of possibility to think that things might have shifted around in there a little as he's grown and slowed his digestive track down.  We don't think he has an obstruction or anything-- which would be a medical emergency-- but his intestines might be moving things slowly enough that his whole system is backing up.  So we'll go into the GI doc and see what he has to say about the little guy.  Hopefully we'll find a good solution to the issue!

So yeah, basically it was yet another one of those "Connor has three separate issues and they're all hitting him at the exact same time" things.  I swear his immune system must forget to lock the door after the first one gets in or something.  It's nuts.

There's a brick pathway in there. . . somewhere.
Anyway, that was yesterday.  By this evening Connor's skin rash already looked noticeably better, his fever was gone, he'd had no seizures and he had quite a bit more energy, which is a good sign.  By tomorrow afternoon he shouldn't be contagious anymore and we'll actually be able to leave the house again, which I am extremely excited about even if I will have to take six outfits along to do it so we can stay in clean clothes while we're out.  I haven't had to do nearly as much laundry in the past couple of days because after the third or fourth time he threw up I just left him in a diaper.  Who knows-- maybe after a day or two with the other bugs gone his system will get moving again and he won't go through quite so many clothes. 

At the very least I need to get outside and do some work on the deck and the garden; because of all the rain we've had recently the plants are going crazy out there.  Beds need to be weeded, the lawn needs to be mowed, and plants need to be hacked and tied back and more or less confined back in their beds instead of sprawling out all over everything.  While I do love a glorious tangle, I need my herb garden pathway clear enough that I can get to the herbs without stepping over or on a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers rioting out of their boundaries.

  The borage in particular is reseeding like crazy in places it should not be, but I'm perfectly fine with that because I can pull up the whole plant and use it to make a very tasty tea.  I just need to get on it before my whole herb garden is one giant patch of borage.

I need to finish cleaning the deck so I can stain it-- if the weather will cooperate.  I need at least three days of sunshine to dry it out before I can restain, and I'm hoping we'll get that a bit later in the week.

I'll just be happy to get outside again to enjoy the garden.  Despite all the work I need to do there are a few beds that actually look lovely right now and in a few years will hopefully be just the mysterious, glorious kind of tangle that I so enjoy in places that aren't my herb garden!


Part of the wet shade garden off the deck-- my current favorite!

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