Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Which Connor Feels Better And I Shop For Winter Clothes

Connor continued to improve today-- he's in that recovery mode where he's looking and feeling much better except for the fact that he fell asleep on me about three times today.  He didn't have any seizures though, and surprisingly enough he didn't throw up either.  So maybe he doesn't have an issue with his g-tube after all; it would be pretty great if the antibiotics solved the problem!

So we emerged from the house for the first time in a while today; we went to the mall and did a bit of shopping for our Thailand travel.  It may seem a little strange to be shopping for Thailand when we're not likely to be traveling there until the end of the year, but keep in mind that December-- Thailand's coolest, driest month-- has an average low temperature of about 80 degrees.  It's still hot, hot hot!  So the fall or winter collections in the stores closer to our potential travel time will be way too warm for where we're going.

It's still a bit of a challenge to find clothes that will work though, because the Thai people are wonderfully modest and conservative dressers (something we could use a bit more around here, judging from some of the outfits I saw on the teens at the mall) and as a general rule don't wear sleeveless shirts, low-cut blouses, shorts, or skirts that fall above the knee. 

We want to be respectful and dress appropriately, so my usual summer attire of tank tops and worn capris is not going to cut it, and Jer's year-round casual wardrobe of shorts and old t-shirts really won't work.  It ended up being a successful shopping trip; I found a couple of nice shirts and light cardigans and a skirt that falls just below the knee. 

I still need to get a nice outfit for our appointment with the adoption board, as well as a couple more skirts or pairs of light pants, but it's a good start for me.  I didn't look for Jer; he usually buys his own clothes and he's been doing so much weight lifting that I'm not sure what size he is anymore!  I'll leave his wardrobe shopping up to him.

It's one more thing to cross of my list as we get closer to travel!



JenniferS said...

just my opinion (others may disagree) . . . i would certainly encourage you to have a nice modest outfit to wear to attend the board meeting, but otherwise in contemporary thailand shorts, skirts above the knee and t-shirts seem to be absolutely fine. tank tops are even fine, but of course it is horses for courses. so modest dress when visiting temples (wats) where covering the shoulders & legs for women is required. (i carry a light shawl/scarf/sarong with me when i visit wats just in case - although at most major wats there are sarongs you can borrow at the entry gates). the younger the thai person the less they seem to wear, the older or more conservative the more they dress modestly, a bit like in the west i reckon. so go easy on yourselves if you cant find exactly what you want for everyday wear - although it IS a good excuse to buy new clothes :)
we've been to thailand 3 times in the past 5 years and i havent had any issues with dress yet, but then i tend to wear long shorts & t-shirts - as do my husband & son - & wrap the sarong around me when visiting the more formal wats - the smaller ones seem fine with shorts & t-shirts.
good luck with your preparations!

Jess said...

Good to know! I figure since I'll be there for two weeks that I'd better pack things I can use in just about any situation, since I'll be wearing the same clothes over and over. I really like the idea of carrying a shawl or scarf with me so I can cover up as needed-- good advice!

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