Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Which Connor Has A Better Day And We Do A Lot Of Gardening

Connor had a much better day today, but other than a walk with his daddy in the morning he stuck close to home.  It was too hot for him to be outside much anyway; I think my parents brought the warm weather with them.  It got into the 80's today, and I'm pretty sure that's the highest temperature it's been all summer.  We actually had to water the yard this morning.

We did some good work out in the garden today; we weeded the front yard and planned a bed that we'll be planting out tomorrow morning.  I always enjoy playing with my mom in the garden!  There's still so much of the back and front yards that I haven't touched yet, so we have plenty of room to find projects to do.  I've been focused on the backyard for the past few years, so it's about time that the front yard got a little TLC.  The new bed is just a six foot wide or so wedge of the bed between some shrubs on the walk up to the house, but it's in a prominent location so we've found some showy plants to put in.  I can't wait to see what it looks like in a few years!

Even though we had lovely sunny weather today, we're in the middle of an extremely rare summer storm right now!  We only hear the rumble of thunder here once or twice a year, so this is very unusual for us.  The weather station still claims it's nice and dry outside, which is kind of funny.  Guess they weren't expecting the rain.

Tomorrow after Mom and I finish our planting, Jer and I are leaving the boy with my parents and heading out for an outing!  We're not sure what we're doing yet except that it will of course involve a bookstore.  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Jer; it's always lovely to have a long date.  And I'm sure the grandparents are looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with Connor, too!


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