Sunday, July 29, 2012

In Which Connor Hogs The Aisle

Well, you all know how Connor is.  Since he had such a fantastic day yesterday, he apparently felt the need to balance the week out.  So he had four seizures today: all of which were the get-really-cyanotic kind. 

He had the second one of the day in the middle of the grocery store's paper towel aisle.  I carry a blanket under Connor's wheelchair for just such occasions, and I spread it out and put him down on his side in the middle of the aisle to wait out the seizure.  He doesn't have any control over his facial muscles while he's having an episode, and if he stayed upright he could easily drown in his own bodily fluids because he can't swallow his saliva and so it would run into his lungs.  Not fun.  Hence the lying-on-his-side-in-the-middle-of-the-aisle thing. 

We had the aisle all to ourselves.  Out of the corner of my eye I watched a variety of people swing their carts to go down and pick up some toilet paper or light bulbs, take in the crazy mom who was apparently letting her kid take a nap in the middle of the aisle, and decide that they really should stop by the meat department first, or maybe grab something over in produce.  I'm sure if I'd been acting upset they would have come running to see if I needed help, but because I was acting like this wasn't out of the ordinary (and sadly, for us it isn't all that unusual) they probably just thought I was nuts. 

At any rate, that cut our grocery trip rather short.  Luckily I've learned to shop for the most essential things we need first so that if Connor does have some sort of crisis I'll at least be able to buy the most important stuff, even if I don't make it to the peanut butter aisle or whatever.  It's a strategy that's served us pretty well over the past few years.

Connor wasn't running a fever, it wasn't a hot day today, and he didn't seem to have any other symptoms, though he did get a glorious case of goosebumps and chills at one point.  So if he keeps this up tomorrow it will be time to call his neurologist and see about adjusting his medication.  I think the last adjustment he had was back in October, so it's been a while.  It might be that he's about due for a change.

We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings!


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