Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Which Connor Still Doesn't Feel So Hot

I called up the appointment line this morning and got Connor an appointment for Friday, since they didn't have anything available earlier in the week.  They initially tried to send us to urgent care, but once I explained that Connor had a g-tube and so was not horribly dehydrated they let me book the Friday appointment.  He went through five outfits today (and I went through three), so I'm really hoping we'll get this figured out soon because I'm doing two loads of laundry a day right now and it seriously isn't fun. 

I don't think Connor's enjoying the whole throwing-up thing much either.  Poor little guy.

We drove out to Gig Harbor today to run an errand out at the pharmacy, and then we stopped off for a brief lunch date with a friend, which was cut short when Connor threw up on his last available outfit (I'd brought three with me) and we needed to go home.  Other than a short run out to the store since we were out of cat food, we stuck close to home. 

Connor doesn't seem to be sick, per se; when he's not throwing up he seems perfectly fine.  He's not running a fever, he's not congested, he doesn't have any spots or anything, and weirdest of all-- he's not throwing up at night.  You would think that if it was a reflux problem he'd be having bigger issues with it when he's lying down, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.  So I'm a little mystified as to what's going on there.  Hopefully the doctor will have some answers and he can get to feeling better soon!


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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I know you don't know me, but I read your blog pretty regularly - you guys seem amazing. Just wondering if the balloon from his GT could be in the way when he sits - so that it blocks his feeds from going "down" (and instead they come "up")... and when he lies down, the balloon disengages so his feeds go down...? Maybe...?

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