Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Which We Play Some More And Connor Is Sick

Today my dad and I went out fairly early for a morning drive.  It was lovely spending some one on one time with him!  Then we drove back to the house, picked up Mom and did some exploring in Orting, which is a cute little town just south of Puyallup that has a wonderful bike trail that runs up into the Rainier foothills. 

Then after lunch, the boys stuck around the house and my mom and I drove out to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Gardens.  This is the first time I've visited the gardens without Connor, so we were able to take the trail up to the alpine gardens (it's too steep for Connor's wheelchair to manage). 

We actually managed to walk out of the nursery on site without buying anything too, which is nothing short of a minor miracle for my mother and I.  We're kind of gardening addicts.  Never fear though-- we plan to make up for it tomorrow by planting out a new bed in the front yard.  Hooray for gardening!

Unfortunately Connor is coming down with a bug; he started running a low-grade fever this evening and he was having some trouble keeping food down.  So we'll keep an eye on him over the next few days.  Thankfully we caught the fever early enough that he didn't have any seizures because we got some Tylenol into him right away.  I guess he caught the bug I had earlier in the week.

We would have been keeping him close to home tomorrow anyway, because it's supposed to get up to 84 degrees!  That's too warm for him to be spending time outdoors.  We'll open up the windows and keep the house cool tomorrow so that he doesn't overheat on top of the fever. 

Hope he feels better soon!


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