Friday, July 13, 2012

In Which We Go Exploring

Today we took Connor up to the Seattle Center to check out some of The Next 50 celebration.  It's a six month long series of events honoring the 50th anniversary of the World Fair in Seattle.  They have an exhibit called the Earth Portal which we thought Connor might enjoy.

It's basically an inflatable dome, and inside are all these comfortable floor chairs.  While you lean back and watch the ceiling, they project an IMAX-style video about the universe.  Since it was only thirty minutes long, had a musical score and could only fit in 25 people at a time, we figured it might be a good fit for Connor. 

It was largely deserted, and there were only four or five other people in the dome with us.  Connor got a little noisy at times, but luckily they didn't mind.  He seemed to really enjoy it!

After that we got a bit of lunch and then strolled down to the Seattle Children's Museum and made Connor touch a whole lot of things he had no interest in touching, such as the African drums in the travel section, some bolts in the construction zone, modeling clay in the art room and fake food in the play grocery store. 

He had a great time there too, though after a couple of hours he was totally exhausted.  We got home around six in the evening, and we ended up putting him to bed a bit early because he was falling asleep on the couch. 

I think we wore him out!


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