Monday, December 27, 2010

In Which Connor Becomes Nocturnal

Connor had a much, much better day today.  He was back to his usual cheerful self, and we didn't see any seizures.

Jer and I, however, were a little tired.  This was because Connor stayed up until four in the morning.  Evidently he'd filled pretty much all of his sleeping requirements with that ten hours or so he slept during the daytime.  So he went down at his usual time, and then woke up around nine and proceeded to stay very noisily awake for the next seven hours.  It was apparently playtime. 

While it was definitely an improvement over sad, lethargic Connor, Jer and I were not particularly thrilled with this development.  We like our sleep.

I'm relatively sure we won't be seeing a repeat of that performance tonight though, because the little guy didn't even nap today.  He was way too wound up for whatever reason.  He kept signing that he was tired, we'd put him down, and then he'd be all like "Just kidding!  I'm not really tired at all!" and he'd spent the next thirty minutes doing his own version of the 1812 overture if the 1812 overture had been performed by a toddler saying "AAAAAAAAAAA" instead of cannons until we'd get him up.  And then an hour later he'd start signing that he was tired again.  It was very confusing.

I'm not sure that explanation was entirely coherent.  Sorry.  I'm kind of tired, and when I'm tired my brain goes even more nutso than usual.  Bad things happen.

Anyway, I was forced to wake myself up by consuming a ridiculous amount of chocolate, so I spent the day in a sort of sugar-induced hyper state of delirium.  Not that I probably wouldn't have eaten all of that chocolate anyway, but this at least gave me an excuse for it.

I'm going to bed now.

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Julia O'C said...

Oh, Jess!! That's HORRIBLE. Sleep deprivation is torture. I really, really, really hope the little guy settles down so that you and Jeremy can get some rest.

(I'm really happy that he's not having seizures, though.)

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