Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Which Connor Is Sick Again

Well, it looks like Connor is feeling under the weather again.

He had two seizures today and was running just a hint of a fever.  As a result he took four naps and was pretty out of sorts for most of the afternoon.  I'm hoping that this bug-- if that's what it indeed turns out to be-- resolves itself quickly since we started with the Tylenol early and we'll be able to skip the worst of the seizures.  The Tylenol won't help him get better any faster, but if it can keep the seizures down I would expect his body will be able to fight off the infection much more efficiently.  We've also got him on his g-tube pump to make sure that he stays properly hydrated.  He tends to have trouble keeping down food when he gets sick, so it's better to spread it out over a longer period of time.

Jer and I both feel all right at the moment; hopefully we won't end up getting sick too, because it would make for a miserable holiday!  I've finished up all of the Christmas shopping and the presents are under the tree.  We've still got a few days before Christmas, so if we're in luck this will be a 48 hour bug and Connor will be fully recovered before the excitement and bustle of Christmas morning.  If he's still not feeling well, we'll probably keep everything really low-key.

It's a shame that the holiday season correlates with the cold season!



Bronx Cataldo's said...

It never, never fails that someone is sick in my house on Christmas Day. I think I would be shocked if someone didn't have a snotty nose, wasn't throwing up etc.
Hope Connor gets better soon and you all enjoy Christmas

Nicole said...

sounds like a move to australia might be in order ;)

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