Monday, December 13, 2010

In Which I Am Still Sick

So today I was planning on being all efficient and stuff-- Joanna was coming over to watch Connor and I was going to finish up all of my Christmas shopping, run a bunch of errands, etc.

Instead I spent the vast majority of today doing strenuous activities like sitting upright in a chair and trying not to get snot all over the pages of my book when I sneezed.  Because as I predicted yesterday, I felt miserable.  So no Christmas shopping was done; the only errand I managed was to drive over to our storage unit and get out a few of our decorations so we at least have stockings hung up now.  I did do a lot of productive work on my nephew's stocking, so at least the day wasn't a total waste.  I've finished up the pears and moved on to the partridge, who is coming along much more quickly.  I have named him Roasty and am picturing him served with a nice sage dressing.

So my nephew will have a present.  But everyone else is getting whatever I can find around the house for Christmas.  I have toothpicks.  Everybody likes toothpicks!

So as a result of being sick derby practice was sort of interesting.  I was pretty good for about the first half, other than not being able to breathe because my nose was all stopped up and I had a mouth guard in.  And then the second half things sort of started going downhill because my stomach decided it was going to being traveling in the opposite direction from the one I was skating and I ended up throwing up all over my wrist guards, which stinks because I just washed all my pads.  Once I got down to dry heaves I was a little loopy but okay except shortly thereafter practice was over so it was a moot point.

And then I made the mistake of drinking a bunch of water and threw up in my helmet on the way home.  So that was fantastic.  On the plus side, the helmet is much easier to clean than the interior of my car.

Anyway, if I can make it out of this chair (which may or may not happen) I'll be going to bed now and really, really hoping I feel better in the morning. 



Mary said...

Pssst. Maybe skip practice next time you're all snotty and pukey. Just a thought.

Sorry today was miserable. Feel better! <3

*Tasha* said...

Oh my gosh! Haha, just wow. Puking in helmets= not fun, but points for resourcefulness.

I was bummed because I didn't tell you about the Pine&Pike weekend sale in Capitol Hill. They had a good sale on skate gear and some other fun stores participated too. But at least Seattle always has good events occurring!

Hope you feel MUCH better.

Julia O'C said...

GACK!!! You threw up in YOUR HELMET?
I really hope you're feeling better now. Also? Your sister gives really good advice.

Kristin said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

leah said...

You are one dedicated Roller Derby woman- I think puking in my helmet would be the end of my Derby career, lol!

I hope you feel better soon, and that the virus doesn't continue to circulate through the family!

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