Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In Which We Have A Very Busy Day

I woke Connor up late this morning since he made poor choices about how late he was planning on staying awake (midnight) and I needed enough sleep to be able to drive.  Then we were off to physical and occupational therapy!

I think we need to start being a little harder on him when it comes to working on things, because he's learned how to work the system.  Whenever he doesn't want to do anything he goes all cute and snuggly and of course we just melt and let him get away with murder.  He decided that he wasn't interested in therapy today, so he turned the cuteness up to full wattage.  When that didn't get him out of the activity we were doing he decided that physically resisting any effort made to get him to touch anything was a good secondary technique.  We were trying to have him decorate a snowflake for our therapy center's Christmas party and he was reacting like the snowflake was made out of carbolic acid.  He was seriously uncooperative.

Oh well.

We went from there to the library, where I returned all of my long-overdue books that have been sitting on the coffee table for the last month waiting to go back.  We of course had to stop by the children's section so Connor could ogle their fantastic LED lighting on their ceiling that looks like stars.  Then he got to choose a book, I picked up one (or two, or five) for myself, and we were off to the pharmacy, storage unit, grocery store and a number of other places I needed to check off my errands list.

I didn't even realize it was the first of December until about halfway through the day-- the holiday season really snuck up on me this year!  I haven't even really gotten started on my Christmas shopping and I have eight thousand things to do. 

Guess I'd better get my rear in gear and start trying to catch up!



Jess said...

It's my old friend Generic Viagra!

Generic Viagra and I go WAY back.

krlr said...

"is of well use"? Lovely, excellent thoughts.

Spam always cracks me up. Do you wonder what it was you wrote about that alerted the viagra crowd? Staying up? Oops... that might be inappropriate. Here's to newly enforced bedtimes!

Pie Maker said...

BAHAHAHA! Generic Viagra? Wow I had no idea you two were so close!

I don't comment often but I am a daily reader. I love your posts and I'm glad you write!

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