Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Which Connor Is Suddenly Fine

Today was so much better than yesterday.  Instead of a lethargic, crabby, seizing child I had an energetic, loud, happy one.  He didn't have a single, solitary seizure today.  Not one!  Who knew Tylenol could make that much of a difference?  Seriously, Connor was all "What, sick Mom?  Me?  I have no idea what you are talking about.  Now fetch me more toys.  All the toys."  I swear he was making up for lost time today; he didn't nap at all, was extremely vocal and had about a ten second attention span.  It was nice to have my boy back, even if he kept me hopping!

This kid is the king of dramatic turn-arounds.

So I think tomorrow I'm going to take him off the Tylenol and see whether or not his fever returns.  If he's fever-and-Tylenol free for the day, then Friday he can go back to school.  I cannot tell you how excited I would be about him going back to school, because after a week of sitting in an armchair for eight hours a day with a kid draped over my chest I am more than ready for some quality time with a book and a coffee shop.

Of course what I should really do with that time is clean the house.  Because after a week of Connor being sick and a couple of days of me feeling under the weather, the house currently looks like a whirling dervish went through and left a wide swath of destruction in the form of dirty dishes, laundry and general clutter.  We had a couple of people stop by unexpectedly in the past few days and I was horribly embarrassed by the state of my house.  I'll knuckle down and give it a good scrubbing now that Connor is (hopefully) over the worst of everything so it's fit for company again, but I'd like some good old fashioned alone time first!

I'm so, so glad that the little guy is feeling better!  I'll be hovering over him with the thermometer tomorrow, and at the first sign of his temperature going up we'll pull out the goopy purple stuff again.  Hopefully he won't need it though.

He sure likes to keep me on my toes!


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Julia said...

Wow -- can I take any credit for that, for my powerful anti-infection cogitations? (Of course not -- just kidding.) So glad to hear he's apparently on the mend. Now here's hoping there's a bookstore in your immediate future.

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