Saturday, December 18, 2010

In Which My Computer And Jeremy Simultaneously Explode

This started out as a fairly long blog post, but then my computer decided that it didn't like me anymore.  So now it is a short blog post because I'm about out of patience with rewriting it.  It was probably the most fantastic blog post ever, too-- that's probably why the Internet rejected it.  The world just wasn't ready for that kind of awesomeness.

Anyway, Jeremy spent a good portion of last night throwing up, which was terrific.  Possibly he ate a cheeseburger with a side of food poisoning or he's caught the same bug that I had last week.  Either way he is not having a particularly fun time at the moment-- he's not nauseous any more (thank goodness) but he's all achy and just feels generally awful.  Hopefully he'll feel better soon.

Connor hasn't had any more seizures and seems to be doing fine, so that's a very good thing!  Jeremy's off of work for the holidays and the little guy has been really enjoying having him around.  Unfortunately he thinks that the noise his daddy makes while throwing up is hilarious and keeps asking him for "more."   No doubt he believes that the extremely loud and horribly noises Jer is making are a fun new game for his personal entertainment.  Oh well.  Otherwise the kid's been relatively well behaved.

That was pretty much the jist of the blog post, only it was way funnier and longer and stuff.  Also it had a duck in it.  But I'm not even going to try and recreate it, because the universe would probably explode or something.  And nobody wants that.



Jennifer said...

A duck?! C'mon, you can't just leave us hanging!

(Although I totally understand about writing an awesome post and then losing it and then being too ticked off to recreate the magic that existed in the first place.)

Julia said...

Well, if it's a choice between Connor being delighted or horrified by sounds associated with GI distress, then I guess this beats the alternative. Anyway, I hope everyone feels 100% better soon.

There should be a blogosphere-wide challenge to see who can best incorporate a duck into a blog post. This comment does not constitute my entry -- I will have to give the matter some thought.

Julia O'C said...

Except for the posts about Connor seizing and/or being sick and in the hospital, all of your posts are awesome. So there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that Jeremy's not feeling well, but at least he's providing entertainment for Connor, right? Plus I laughed at "cheeseburger with a side of food poisoning".

There is a cheese recall that was just announced recently. The producer is based in Washington.


leah said...

I certainly hope Jeremy feels better soon, even if it means Connor's source of amusement will disappear. Also, I want to hear about the duck (ducks are awesome)!

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