Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In Which I Feel Much Better And Connor Keeps Learning

I felt so much better today.

Pretty sure I'm over the worst of things, because I kept all my food down today and everything!  And also I could do things like breathe and stand up and stand upright and not feel like I was quite possibly going to die at that very second.  So that was good.

Connor had speech therapy today after school.  We've been working a lot with the iPad in there, and it's interesting to see the progress he's making.  Now when we ask him to make choices with his Proloquo2go program (the augmentative communication app), he'll consistently eye-point to the picture he wants, and he'll hover his hand over it.  He still won't touch the screen without assistance, though, even though he's perfectly capable of doing so.  I'm wondering if he thinks that the pictures might have different textures or something.  And if we're showing him a picture of something he has a sign for, most of the time he'll just look at us, do the sign and then get mad if we make him touch the picture anyway.  I think he figures that he's already gotten his point across.

A few of the programs he's willing to touch on his own, though-- like his bongo app (King Bongo Mini)-- and I think he's making really good progress towards being more confident about touching it.  He's learning that a full hand slap or the heel of his hand (which he uses to manipulate most of his toys) doesn't work for the iPad and so we're starting to see him isolate his fingers more.  That's a skill we'd definitely like to encourage, and hopefully he'll translate it to activities other than the iPad!

That's my big boy!



krlr said...

Breathing? Standing? All good! Glad to hear the virus has been slayed.

Can I ask a question about Connor's signing & also re finger isolation? Think you mentioned once that many are adaptive signs--was this just organic he's doing X & you eventually figured out he wanted Y (or, rather, X)? We're starting to hit the point w/my girl where the fine motor skills aren't available yet.

leah said...

The iPad sounds wonderful- he'll get the hang of it soon! What a great app.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, too- those other Derby women better watch out!

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