Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Which Connor Is Great And I Will Possibly Never Move Ever Again

Connor was completely back to his old self today!  I'm so glad that he's completely over the bug; he made it through the whole day with no seizures and no temperature at all, even without the Tylenol.  Apparently that crazy day where he spiked up again was those germs' last gasp before expiring for good.  Thankfully he doesn't have any sort of secondary infection, and we managed to stay out of the hospital!

That means Connor gets to go to school tomorrow, which makes me extremely happy.  Because I love this kid to death, but I also love my precious, blissful alone time, which I will be making full use of tomorrow.

If I can move tomorrow, that is.  Tonight was our endurance practice for roller derby, and those usually leave me the next morning feeling like my legs and rear have been beaten with a sack full of quarters.  They are some serious workouts.  So provided I can manage to get my muscles to function enough to actually get me out of bed, I'll enjoy the day doing a nonstrenous activity like attempting to bend down far enough to tie my shoes.  Trust me; it's a challenge.  I'm still having ridiculous amounts of fun, though, and I take solace in the fact that if I keep this kind of workout up I'll have a tush that's finally back up where it was before I had my kid. 

I have finished all of the leaves (finally!) on the stocking I'm doing and have now moved on to pears.  Really this tree has a ridiculous number of perfectly ripe pears on it that are completely uniform in size and color.  I sort of want to sew a little worm on one just because I can, but since it's a gift for somebody else I'll restrain myself and stick to the kit.  Really I'm not sure the world is ready for the kind of stocking I would design.  It would probably involve velociraptors.  Also maybe a duck.  Because ducks are awesome.  But not on the same stocking, because then the resulting tableau would probably no longer be appropriate for children, even if I covered all of the blood in red sequins.

You know.  To make it festive.



Kristin said...

I think there could definitely be a market for that kind of stocking. You could probably be a millionaire ;)

leah said...

Good news that Connor is back to his typical self and no nasty infections have taken hold! Cold and flu season is just awful!

Velociraptors and ducks would make for an interesting (if gory) stocking. With Nolan's great love of dinosaurs and monster trucks, I've been thinking about making him a stocking with those items on it (no blood, though, and the dino might wear a Santa hat to be festive).

Now, I just need to learn how to sew!

Julia said...

Glad to hear he's fully recovered. And now I want to put in an order for a stocking. It should be extremely detailed, with a million finicky little stitches. You can work on it while recovering from endurance practice -- I don't think needlework involves much gluteal action. (Or, I should say, if it does, then I'm not sure I still want the stocking.) I assume you'll take chocolate as payment.

xraevision said...

So glad to hear that Connor is finally feeling better!

I did a quick search for a stocking kit matching your description and I'm pretty sure that I found it. The felt one with one million tiny applique pieces and one billion sequins, right? CRAZY!!! I can't imagine what caliber of chocolate you would accept as payment for custom orders.

Jess said...

Yep, that would be the one. This is the third stocking I've done, so you would think I'd know what I'm getting into by now but I keep forgetting just how tedious sewing those eight billion sequins on really is and end up doing another one.

Thankfully my stocking making does not involve gluteal action, though. Pretty sure any stocking involving glueteal action would not be appropriate for my baby nephew. Ew.

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