Friday, December 17, 2010

In Which Connor Has Another Seizure

Connor decided to have another seizure this morning, which was fantastic.  I suspect that it's either a combination of holiday stress or that he's coming down with a cold.  Neither option is a particularly wonderful one, but that's kind of how it goes I guess.  I gave him a dose of Ativan and though he was obviously tired and pretty quiet otherwise he had a good rest of the day.

I also felt a little bit under the weather today-- I've been having a little trouble with a persistent cough and feeling like I'm not able to draw a full, deep breath.  I'm unsure if that's due to my illness hanging on or the massive number of hits I took to the ribs and sternum this week.  I'm going to have a glorious bruise right in the middle of my chest from a particularly vicious derby move called a "can opener" I experienced firsthand earlier this week that will unfortunately be way to risque to show off to anyone.  I'll have to stick to the ones on my arms.  For some reason I have five or six on my right arm but only one on my left.  I'm going to have to start asking the girls to hit on the other side to even me out!

I still feel about 800 times better than I did earlier in the week, though, so I suspect the cough and whatnot is due to the bug I had and I'm mostly over it now.  Skating while sick was an interesting experience-- and not one that I want to make a habit of-- but I think it'll help me be a better player in the long run because it teaches me how to keep moving when I'm tired and crabby and whatnot.  I'm sure if I make a team there will be times when I really don't feel like skating but need to do it anyway.  This was good practice for that.

I'm hoping that Connor manages to avoid catching another bug, though.  He doesn't need any more practice in being sick!


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Julia O'C said...

*You guys need to get healthy for the holidays!! I'm so sorry to hear that Connor had another seizure.

*Where are the pictures of the super-awesome stocking?!?

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