Friday, December 3, 2010

In Which I Discover My Jinxing Abilities

So today after Jeremy got home I announced to him that Connor hadn't had a seizure for two whole weeks!  I'd been telling friends that on the phone all day. 

"That's the longest he's gone without one for a long time," I said.

"Great job, big boy!" Jeremy told Connor.

Apparently Connor thought we were giving him a suggestion, because less than twenty seconds later he had a seizure.

He didn't stop breathing-- he just got really pale, had trouble breathing and did a bit of jerking.  But we were not particularly thrilled with this lovely development because we were hoping he was done with seizures for a slightly longer period of time.   Like forever.  And also I evidently now possess the power to jinx our son.  Glorious.

He went down and took about a two hour nap.  Then he woke up and had another ten second or so seizure just to really freak us out. 

I'm sort of hoping he's getting sick so I have something else to blame besides the medication not working, and that makes me feel horribly guilty for wishing illness on him.  Oh well.  He was fully recovered by bedtime, and we'll just have to see how the weekend goes.  These things always seem to start up on weekends, for whatever reason.  I think he likes to test the resident doctors who are usually on call.  No doubt they love hearing from us by now. 

We're supposed to have a pretty busy day with Connor tomorrow, involving a Santa parade downtown and an evening light show at the zoo.  I may decide to cut one (or both) of those out depending on how the little guy is doing.  In the middle of a crowd on a street that's been shut down would probably not be a particularly fun place to call the paramedics from. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be seizure free.  I probably shouldn't mention it to Connor, though.  He might take it as a challenge, and I have no desire to end up back in the hospital any time soon.



leah said...

Oh, no! I sort of hope he is coming down with a cold or something and his defenses are down. I hope he is seizure free again, starting tomorrow!

It is interesting that when Connor was an insomniac, he was having no seizures, but now that he's adjusted to the medication and is sleeping- he has another seizure. I wonder if there is a correlation between the two?

xraevision said...

Oooh, I often find myself saying aloud, "X hasn't been to emerg for . . " and then I stop speaking mid sentence. I am a little superstitious and wouldn't want to taunt the universe by suggesting that his health is clear and we can relax now! This doesn't work either, by the way.

I hope Connor is seizure free this weekend, and that you can enjoy the holiday festivities - sounds like great fun!

Rose-Marie said...

Well, rats, I'm sorry to hear about the seizures. Jinxing would pretty much be a Universal Parenting Power...MOST unfortunately!

I hope Connor is able to rally around for all the fun you have planned for the weekend. He's at such a great age for starting to appreciate and remember the fun traditions.

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