Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Which Connor Picks Out An Extremely Practical Gift For Everyone

Connor has been doing this adorable thing again where he sticks two fingers up his nose-- one for each nostril-- and then just looks at me and grins.  If that doesn't get a good enough reaction out of me, then he starts grinding his teeth because he knows that one will make me respond, even if I'm just pressing his cheeks to get him to stop.  The kid has got me pegged and knows just how to push all my buttons!

He's been unhappy with me because instead of spending the afternoons playing, we've been going shopping for family Christmas presents.  I've been giving him more say in picking out presents this year now that he's old enough to have an opinion, and it hasn't been working out too well.  This is because he doesn't want to choose between the options that I give him; apparently they are all horribly drab and boring.  He's got the perfect present picked out for absolutely everybody in the family.

He wants to get them all the 50 foot high Christmas trees in the middle of the mall.

Despite my attempts to convince him that not only is a 50 foot high Christmas tree terribly impractical for our house, but it would be absolutely impossible to ship to everyone else even if I used a whole mess of flat rate boxes, he is convinced that I am just being mean and that the entire world needs a gigantic Christmas tree covered in ornaments the size of Connor's head. 

"Want!  Want!" he says every time we go past. 

"Daddy want!" he'll sign when I tell him that we're not taking it home, because surely I'll let him have one if Daddy wants it too.  And a regular Christmas tree with normal sized ornaments on it just won't do-- he turns his nose up at those pitiful seven or ten foot high trees.  Apparently Connor has decided that we need to go up to the local temperate rainforest and pick ourselves out a Sitka Spruce, and he's not taking no for an answer.

I'm not sure how he expects us to get it home.  I'm not strapping one of those things to the roof of my car.

So since I am being so obviously and unreasonably horrible to him by not attempting to purchase a 50 foot high tree for us and all our loved ones, he's been doing a whole lot of the finger-up-the-nose thing, and the grinding-the-teeth thing, and the thing where he scrapes his thumb nail across his two front teeth and so on and so forth.  I can only content myself with the fact that I am pretty much finished with my mall shopping, so hopefully he'll resign himself to having an ordinary, boring Christmas tree that, you know, fits inside a house.

Silly little guy!



Jennifer said...

Bwhahaha! That's hilarious!

Obviously you're just being mean. ;)

Julia said...

What a thoughtful, generous guy! Would he be content with taking a picture of a 50 foot tree, resplendent with Connor's-head-sized ornaments, and sending copies to everyone?

Julia O'C said...

"Daddy want!" Oh, I love that!! That's so typical of that age, too. I remember Violet passionately explaining to my why *Daddy* wanted the Ariel Barbie whose tail changed color in the tub.

Now you just need to get him excited about derby gear, so that he can let Jeremy know, "Mommy want!" :)

leah said...

I am catching up- so this comment is coming late. I think he needs a Sequoia planted in the back yard! Unfortunately, it will probably take 800 years to get to the right size...

Maybe you could get a regular-sized tree with giant ornaments?

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