Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Which Connor Feels A Little Better And I Think About Easter

I think Connor's on the mend.  He did have a couple of seizures today, but he seemed much more perky than yesterday and I'm hoping that tomorrow will be the last of it.  Of course him being sick means we'll be confined to the house for Easter, but one can't have everything.  I'll read the Easter story to Connor, sing a few hymns, and then I'll cover the secular part of the holiday by sticking some bunny ears on the cat. 

It'll work.

Not that Connor really gets the Easter bunny anyway.  In fact, we kind of avoid talking about the Easter bunny in our household because Connor associates the topic with those people dressed up in rabbit suits for photo taking at the mall, and he finds them terrifying.  Personally I don't really blame him-- I find them pretty creepy myself.  I think it's the four-inch long teeth.  You know that anything with teeth that big can't possibly be living on a vegetarian diet no matter what they might claim, and that they probably find small children to be a good source of protein. 

And then there's the Easter egg hunts.  Easter egg hunts are completely pointless for this kid.  First of all he doesn't eat candy.  I could do hard boiled eggs instead of the plastic ones to avoid that problem, but I'm the only person in this house that eats hard boiled eggs and I'm pretty sure I couldn't get through more than about three in one sitting without getting sick.  Then there's the fact that he doesn't even want to look at the eggs, let alone touch them. 

The only way I could get Connor to pay attention to an egg hunt would be if I was to make the eggs musical and decked out with miniature LED lights.  I love my child to death and I will do many, many things for him so that he can join in with holidays just like everyone else, but I draw the line at anything that involves the installation of lighting and a sound system. 

That's not what Easter's really about anyway. 



Julia O'C said...

We tried to have a "normal" Easter today. While Siolet ran around looking for the plastic eggs we'd hidden, Emmett ran around in a panic and screamed. Violet happily ate the Easter breakfast I'd prepared. Emmett put bacon down his pajama pants and said, "Pants? Pants? Pants? Pants," until *I* wanted to scream (and wondered why I hadn't thought of Easter mimosas).

All in all, a happy (though not typical) Easter. In our situations, we have to do what works for our kids.

Happy Easter, McGuffey Family!! <3

Tired Mom said...

There's no such thing as a "normal" Easter with kids on the spectrum. We just have to learn to roll with the punches. I haven't had a celebration for Easter in my house since my daughter was born (5 years ago). Concepts of Easter bunnies, eggs, and chocolate mean nothing to her, or to her younger brother.

The most I could do was braid her hair in pigtails (which she barely tolerated), and my son refused to get dressed. But I guess as long as the family is all together, even if it is just sitting at home watching Elmo, that's the important thing. =)

Fiona said...

Happy Easter Connor.
And for what its worth I have 2 'normal' kids and they don't really like chocolate, and we LIVE in the land of chocolate!
So our Easter was more about flowers and cows than chocolate.
I don't think there is such a thing as a 'normal' Easter.

PS - Please post pics of the cat with bunny ears. That sounds good!

TC said...

For the record, my daughter was so terrified of mall rabbits when she was younger (she's 13 now, and no longer quite so scared!) that my husband came up with a song they'd sing loudly:

No more bunnies hopping at the mall
Emmy says go away or I won't call
(somethingsomethingsomething I can't remember)
So no more bunnies hopping at the mall!

Feel free to personalize. ;-)

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